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Sambutsuge This page: Juseige
English translation
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Junirai Eko
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English translation
V1 I have established the all-surpassing vows,
And will unfailingly attain the supreme enlightenment.
If these vows should not be fulfilled,
May I not attain perfect enlightenment.
V2 If, for countless kalpas to come,
I should not become the great benefactor
And save all the destitute and afflicted everywhere,
May I not attain the perfect enlightenment
V3 When I have fulfilled the Buddha-way,
My name shall pervade the ten quarters;
Should there be any place it is not heared,
May I not attain the perfect enlightenment.
V4 Freed from greed and with right-mindfulness
And pure wisdom, I will perform the sacred practices
In pursuit of the supreme enlightenment,
And become the teacher of of devas and humans.
V5 Emitting a great light with my majestic power,
I will completely illuminate the boundless worlds;
Dispelling, thereby, the darkness of the three defilements,
I will deliver all beings from suffering and affliction.

Having aquired the eye of wisdom,I will remove the darkness of blind passions;
Blocking the path to the evil realms,
I will open the gate to good realms.

V7 When my practice and merits are fulfilled,
My majestic brilliance shall reach everywhere in the ten quarters,
Outshining both the sun and the moon;
Even the heavenly lights shall be hidden and obscured.
V8 For the sake of all beings I will open forth the Dharma-store
And universally bestow its treasure of virtue upon them.
Amongst the multitudes of beings
I will always preach the Dharma with a lion's roar.
V9 Making offernings to all the Buddhas,
I will acquire all the roots of virtue;
With my vows fulfilled and wisdom perfected,
I will be the hero of the three worlds.
V10 Like your unimpeded wisdom, O Buddha Lokesvararaja,
My wisdom shall reach eveywhere and illuminate all;
May the power of my virtue and wisdom
Be equal to that of yours, O Most Honored One.
V11 If these vows are not to be fulfilled,
The great thousand worlds will shake in accord,
And from the sky, all the devas
Will rain down rare and wondrous flowers.
Normally followed by Tan Nembutsu and Eko

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Sambutsuge This page: Juseige
English translation
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Junirai Eko
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