ESC19 LOGO [logoonly.jpg 19th European Shin Buddhist Conference
20th - 24th August 2018





As we approach the fourth decade of the 21st century Jodo Shinshu is present in every single continent and can be rightfully called a global religion. Although rooted in its Japanese origins, the teaching of Shinran is increasingly embraced by many individuals from many social, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Technological, social and political developments are also crucially affecting the individual and organizational practices of Jodo Shinshu, not only in Japan and the Japanese diaspora, but among non-Japanese members, especially in Europe, Asia and America. The aim of this conference is to analyse and discuss the challenges faced by Jodo Shinshu in the present and near future, both at the personal and community levels. How can the teaching of Shinran be shared with people of non-Japanese backgrounds or presented to Japanese and Japanese-descendants with little or no knowledge of Jodo Shinshu? What role does cultural and linguistic translation play in the dissemination of the teaching? How is Jodo Shinshu relevant to our socially and politically turbulent times? In which way is the widespread use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) redefining the ways in which individuals and sanghas practice and live Jodo Shinshu? We invite paper presentations on any of the above issues or on any other subject directly related to the future of Jodo Shinshu.

The time allocated for a standard presentation at ESC19 is 40min. This permits the delivery of a talk of about 30min duration, followed by a 10min Q&A session. Therefore, papers should have a word count of between 3,000 and 4,000 words, and run to no more than 10/12 pages. As a guide, it takes about 25min to deliver a talk consisting of 3,000 words, and 4,000 words fills about 30mins. Time for Q&A will not be extended to compensate for any 'talk-time' over-run.


- IABC Support Grant -

As a part of its ongoing support for Shin Sanhga's across the whole of Europe, the IABC is once again generously offering a support grant to cover up to 50% of the travel and accommodation costs to those who would like to present a paper at the 19th European Shin Buddhist Conference and those who would like to participate in the Kikyoshiki, Shin Buddhist Confirmation.

Before you apply for the IABC support grant you must submit an abstract of your presentation as an attachment to an email to the conference organizers @ on or before the 15th of February, 2018.

You will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of your proposal by 15th March 2018.

Participants whose abstracts are selected must submit a full and final draft paper no later than 30th June 2018.

Grant Application Forms for completion and submission to the IABC in Kyoto, Japan will be made available as a download from the ESC19 updates websites on 16th March 2018, and the deadline for grant applications will be 16th April 2018. The organizers are totally impartial in the IABC Grant Support process. The IABC will check the validity of the applications and notify applicants of their decision by the end of May 2018.

New at ESC19
Invitation to make a shorter (20min max.) presentation

To encourage the broadest possible participation in ESC19, the organizers invites short submissions of no more than 2,500 words or 20mins talk-time max. duration.

Please email a description of your short presentation (in English) to by 15th Febuary 2018. If your submission is selected you will be notified no later than 15th March 2018; and at that time you will be asked for a final draft we will ask be ready to submit a final draft by 15th Febuary 2018.

Short presentations do not qualify for an IABC support grant. However, the IABC is generously offering grants to cover up to 50% of the travel and accommodation costs to those who would like to attend ESC19 to participate in in the Kikyoshiki Ceremony and also make a short presentation at some time during the conference.

As a guide: 1,500 words 'talk-time' = 12-13 mins approx. 2,000 words ‘talk-time’ = 15 mins approx. 2,500 words ‘talk-time’ = 20 mins approx. An average A4 page with font type Times New Roman, point size 12, line space 1.15 contains approx. 450-500 words, so 2,000 words would fill four A4 sheets +/- a line or two. The same with a line space of 1.5 contains approx. 400 words per page, so a 2,000-word piece would fill five A4 sheets +/- a line or two.


Please register and book in advance through the
Pay Point Page @

To arrange payment in advance by PayPal, cheque in the post or, in exceptional cases, by cash on arrival, please phone 02380 837145, write to Chomon House (ESC19), 6 Southcliff Road, Southampton SO14 6FH or email

Book your seat on the coach now
through the Pay Point Page @

The very low cost of registration for attendance of the four days of ESC19 presentations and associated special events reflects the considerable fiscal support given to the event by the International Association of Shin Buddhist Culture.

The organizers also sincerely thank Nish Hongwanji, our mother temple in Kyoto, Japan for their support of this event, including their hosting of a very special Gala Meal that will take place on the last day of the conference in the prestigious Whitebeam Suit, adjoining the Atrium of the Southampton Solent University Conference Centre, all housed within their stunning new flag-ship building known as ‘the Spark’.

Though it has not yet been officially confirmed, the organizers do most sincerely hope that the 24th Zenmon-sama of Nishi Hongwanji, Ohtani Koshin (Dharma Name: Shaku Sokunyo) will honor us with his acceptance of our invitation to be our very special guest at various ESC19 events.

ESC19 LOGO [logoonly.jpg 19th European Shin Buddhist Conference
20th - 24th August 2018