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This is the Jodo Shinshu Creed, in Japanese
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Jodo Shinshu Creed
Jodo Shinshu no seikatsu shinjo

I put my trust in the Vow of Amida Buddha.
Reciting Namu Amida Butsu,
let us live life to the utmost with strength and joy.

I look to the Light of Amida Buddha.
Constantly reflecting upon myself,
let us strive to live a life of gratitude.

I shall follow the teachings of Amida Buddha.
Awakening to the right path,
Let us share the true Dharma with others.

I rejoice in the Compassion of Amida Buddha.
Mutually respecting and aiding each other,
let us endeavor to work for the good of all.
The International Association of Buddhist Culture, Kyoto, Japan supports the Shin Buddhist Fellowship UK. Chomon House, 6 Southcliff Road, Southampton SO14 6FH